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Monday, August 23, 2010

Are Stila's Lip Glazes Overrated and Overpriced?

I was at Ulta the other day with my mom. (Yeah, real surprise there lol) and we were looking at the Stila rack after she found the It Girl Palette (See previous tutorial/FOTD). Looking amongst the things she also found a kit of four smaller sized Stila Lip Glazes. I've always wanted to try their famous Kitten Lip Glaze but never wanted to spend the usual $22 for just one.

In this particular kit you get 4 for $20 so I couldn't pass up the opportunity! Especially in this great kit of shimmery pinks and nudes.

I have a confession to make I suffer from I.G.S. (Instant Gratification Syndrome) The second I was in the car I opened up the packaging and tried on that famous kitten gloss. And I have to say. . .

I was fairly disappointed.

The gloss took what seemed like forever to come out of the tube (to the point where we thought it was broken) and then once it did start to come out it glopped into a gooey mess, much more then I would ever need on my lips. It also has a very smacky consistency which is the reason I don't really wear glosses.

Well. . . that is a lie. I actually love lip glosses, as long as they have the right consistency. If it is overly smacky, thick or worst of all *gulp* plumping. . . (has visions of the burning and stinging mess that was the first, last and only lip plumping gloss she ever used. . .) *shutters*

At first I thought the gloss only gooped like that the first use, so I tested them out a few more times and unfortunately. . . the overflow of gloss seems to be a norm among them. Maybe it's just the ones I happened to receive but I am not a fan of the twist bottom glosses thanks to them.

When it comes to gloss, I like control. And there is no control amongst these glosses. I don't care how long wearing they are or how cute they look. (though they look very, very cute)

The only thing that could possibly save them from being a total waste was the color payoff and indeed they were completely and totally fabulous I must say.

However, when I put these on it happened to remind me of something. I couldn't put my finger on it until finally it clicked. I've seen these colors before!

The NYC Liquid Lip Shine retails for around $5 where as the NYX Sheer Gloss retails at around $6. Sungold can be found at various drugstores while the NYX Sheer Gloss can be found at Ulta locations and

They aren't perfect dupes but for the price I think they're close enough. The NYC gloss is a bit sticky but I'd rather spend $5 on a sticky gloss then $22. The NYX gloss happens to be one of my all time favorites and a school-time must have. The soft tube makes applying the perfect amount of lip product and there's a synthetic lip brush like the Stila glosses which makes precision a breeze.

I'll probably use up the last of these glosses since this size doesn't seem to last too long but I do find myself disillusioned. I really wanted to like these.

Packaging : 3.5/5
Product: 3/5
Price: 2/5
Value: 4/5 (for the gift set of four)
Would I Buy Again?: Not unless they changed their formula around a bit.


I have purchased this item with my own money and any and all reviews are my honest and humble opinion. I am not affiliated with this brand or company in any way.

Stay happy, healthy and safe!

Hope this review was helpful!

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  1. I just bought my first Stila lip glaze and yes! Totally overpriced and overrated! They're just so blah for as expensive as they are.