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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is Victoria's Secret Mineral Bronzer Gold Baked Into A Pan?

Imagine laying on a beach as the sun infuses its golden light into your skin while warming you. Sounds nice right? Well, since we can't always be lounging on the beach, Victoria's Secret has come out with a bronzer from their Wild Tropics Limited Edition Collection that will make it look like we can.

Ok, can we talk about the packaging for a minuet? How gorgeous is that? It makes me want to take a tropical vacation!

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The actual packaging for the bronzer itself was a little disappointing compared to the box it came in but it's still sleek and and expensive looking.

The bronzer only comes in one color, Sun Goddess, and usually I steer clear of bronzers like this because they tend to be too dark for my pale complexion but there was just something about this bronzer that caught my eye.

Against my pale skin the color came out almost gold. Not just the orange-y golden sheen other bronzers boast but an actual golden color.

If you're looking for a bronzer to contour with, this one isn't it. But as far as a new golden shimmer blush is concerned? I think this would work amazingly well (especially on people with yellow undertones to their skin, though it would look pretty on anyone).

This bronzer is very pigmented so I suggest using a fluffy brush and a light hand when applying. So far I'm pretty happy with this. This bronzer goes for $16 and if you want to call this bronzer your own, I suggest heading to your local Victoria's Secret soon, because like I said, it's limited edition.

Lets break it down :)

Packaging : 5/5 (it may not be as pretty as the box, but it's still functional)
Product: 5/5
Price: 4/5 (a little expensive for a bronzer)
Value: 5/5
Would I Buy Again?: Probably not since although this is unique, I wouldn't be using it every day to the point of needing a back up. One is enough lol (however, I feel like checking out some more things from that line before it's gone...Any suggestions?!)
What is your favorite bronzer? Do you have any suggestions for a good one to try? Have any swatches on your own blog? Leave it all in the comments!

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I have purchased this item with my own money and any and all reviews are my honest and humble opinion. I am not affiliated with this brand or company in any way.


  1. Looks really pretty! Like the compact too!

  2. yeah, the compact is very sleek/expensive looking but I was expecting something closer to what the box looked like. It's still pretty (!) but it's plain compared to the box lol but thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it! :)