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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garnier's Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller 7 Day Challenge : Day 6+7

Hello everyone! So we've finally reached the end of the Garnier's Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle 7 Day Challenge! Lets See how we've progressed the past 7 days shall we? (click here to see the first post about this product)

 I definitely see some improvement over the past seven days but nothing to go screaming home about. Even after the seventh day the roller alone was not enough to cover my dark circles. Also, the claim on the box was unrealistic from the start. I mean look at this!

That's supposed to be instant? I don't know about that.

Ok so as far as I can tell, it works as well as what can be expected from the drugstore. Also if you have very slight under-eye circles, this may work well for you (making us more jealous than we were before at you just having *slight* under eye circles).

Also the claim that it covers up under eye circles for every skin tone was just something that was never gonna happen. However, I do like using this as a serum and have seen (though slight) results. Maybe if I use this longer it will work better. However according to the box results were supposed to happen in a week so that's what I'm basing this review on.

For about $12 I can't really complain too much. I'm still happy with the product as a whole. So let's hear it for the breakdown!

Packaging : 5/5 (the packaging is very convienant)
Product: 4/5 (doesn't work as well as it "claims")
Price: 5/5 (for a serum it's not bad)
Value: 5/5
Would I Buy Again?: Yes. Desptie the bad things about it I do like it and I feel like if I keep using it every day that my under-eye cirlces will improve. It just was never going to happen in a week.
Do you use under-eye products? If so what? Any good recomendations for under eye cirlces? Have you used this? If so what are your thoughts?
Stay happy and healthy!

I have purchased this item with my own money and any and all reviews are my honest and humble opinion. I am not affiliated with this brand or company in any way.


  1. This looks like its really working. But then, you realy cant expect to see a lot of difference withing a wekk despite the high claims

  2. This is very true lol I'm still using it though so lets hope by the time I finish the bottle it'll look like the photo haha XD

  3. Hi Beatrice,
    I have been using this roller too. It's great, isn't it? It's cheap too.

    In Jakarta, it's often on sale too.

    I love how your blog looks. I recently started blogging so still trying my way around.

    Definitely will follow yours.

  4. It's great isn't it? And thank you so much! I really love your wonderful comment! And I'll be sure to follow you as well! I'm still pretty "new" to the blogging world myself so I can totally sympathize!Good luck with your blog!!